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About HUB Capital Inc.
HUB Capital Inc. is the dealer with whom your advisor is associated. HUB Capital is registered across Canada as a Mutual Fund dealer and is a member firm of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA), which regulates the operations, business conduct, and standards of practise of all of its member firms. The MFDA's mandate is to enhance investor protection and maintain investor and public confidence in the Mutual Fund industry. As a Mutual Fund Dealer, HUB Capital allows for increased convenience and efficiencies, enabling clients to invest across multiple fund companies and investment options, and providing options for the advisor to provide optimum advice when it comes to product selection and diversification.
Company Profile
Subsidiary of the 9th top insurance brokerages
Managing over $6 Billion in client investment assets*
*Wealth Management Division
15 offices across Canada
Highest Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics
Since 2002, HUB Capital has maintained the highest standards of business practises and ethics. Demanding compliance and professional business conduct from all of its representatives and associates, HUB Capital strives to ensure that all practises are well within prescribed industry regulation and standards.
HUB ensures our advisors are educated, resourced, and supported to provide you with the best service, advice, and investment solutions.
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